December 12, 2015

2114 ROMANIA (Suceava) - Church of Saint Demetrius in Suceava

Founded by Peter IV Rareş, voievod of Moldavia (1527-1538, 1541-1546), and the illegitimate son of   Ştefan cel Mare (Stephan the Great), the most prominent representative of the House of Muşat, the Church of Saint Demetrius is located near the ruins of the former Princely Court of Suceava, city which was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1388 to 1565.

Built betwenn 1534 and 1535, it has a 40m high bell tower added in 1560-1561 by Alexandru Lăpuşneanu. The church had frescoes painted on the outside, that are still visible on one side wall. In the 18th century the church began to collapse, and in 1809 there was a fire, in which burned the roof and the wooden steeple. The building was renovated in 1822 and covered with shingled, and the tower was rebuilt in 1845 and was added a fourth level.

The violent fire in 1854 destroyed the entire city of Suceava, being destroyed the church roof, the iconostasis painted in 1788 and the interior mural painting. The roof was rebuilt and the iconostasis was replaced in 1876. In 1967 was began a series of restoration works which attempted to restore the church look as close to the original. Between 1996 and 2004 were carried out restoration works of the interior murals by prof. Dr. Nicholas Sava in Bucharest, painter restorer, helped 18 students. Some experts have criticized the painting restoration, considering that the original fresco was altered.

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