November 3, 2016

2851 GERMANY - "Outdoor nudes jumping" by Gerhard Riebicke

2851 "Outdoor nudes jumping" by Gerhard Riebicke (1925)

Born in 1878 in Lausitz (now Forst), Gerhard Riebicke spent his childhood in Switzerland. Then he studied in Tubingen, worked as a house teacher in Posen (now Poznań), and in the meantime learned  the technique of photography alone, as autodidact. In 1909 he became press photographer in Berlin. Gradually, his focus was on sports and Free Body Culture photography (ball games, jumps, dance and bathing scenes).

As a friend of Adolf Koch, leader of the Freikörperkultur (Free Body Culture) movement in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, Riebicke documented his school for physical education and nude culture. He also maintained contact with the Laban School of Hertha Feist, as well as with other dance and gymnastics schools such as the ones of Hedwig Hagemann, Berte Trümpi or Mary Wigman, iconic figures of the modern dance.

In 1924 Riebicke attended with several photography in Hans Surén's book Der Mensch und die Sonne (The Man and the Sun), which was sold in 240,000 copies, and until 1941 was reissued in 68 editions. In it, Surén, the German ideologue of the naturism, popularized a healthy lifestyle, sport, as an indispensable element of human life, the inextricable link with nature, god-like beauty of the human body. After 1933, Riebicke concentrated in exclusivity on sports photography. He died in 1957 in Berlin.

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The first stamp, Traditions, designed by Gottschall, was issued on November 3, 2005.

The second stamp, designed by Hau, was issued on June 14, 2007, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Paul Klinger, 1907-1971. Paul Klinger, whose real name was Paul Karl Heinrich Klinksik, was a German stage and film actor who also worked in radio drama and soundtrack dubbing.

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Riebicke, Gerhard: Outdoor nudes jumping Outdoor nudes jumping. 1925. Vintage gelatin silver - The Saleroom

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Photo: Gerhard Riebicke / 1925

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