November 22, 2016

2877 SAINT LUCIA - Diamond Waterfall

Diamond Waterfall is the main attraction of the Diamond Botanical Gardens, the oldest botanical gardens on the island, located in the town of Soufrière. What made this waterfall stand out was that its waters were laced with minerals as its stream emanated from rainwater mixed with volcanism giving the falls a colorful appearance that seemed to change often. It has 17m in height, and the flow of water varies at different times of year but is always spectacular.

About the stamps

The stamps are part of the series Flowering Fruits, issued on December 5, 2005.
• Blighia sapida (0.15 XCD)
• Solanum melongena (0.20 XCD)
• Mangifera indica (0.25 XCD) - It's on the postcard 2877
• Coccoloba uvifera (0.30 XCD)
• Carica papaya (0.50 XCD)
• Spondias mombin (0.55 XCD)
• Chrysobalanus icaco (0.65 XCD)
• Artocarpus altilis (0.70 XCD) - It's on the postcard 2877
• Annona reticulata (0.75 XCD)
• Psidium guajava (0.95 XCD)
• Musa sp  (1.00 XCD).
• Manilkara achras (2.50 XCD)
• Anacardium occidentale (5.0 XCD)
• Mammea americana (25.00 XCD)

Diamond Waterfall - World of Waterfalls

Sender: Denise
Sent from Castries (Saint Lucia), on 02.11.2016
Photo: Cecile N. A. Clarke

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