November 9, 2016

2861 RUSSIA (Tyumen Oblast) - Monastery of Holy Trinity in Tyumen

Founded in 1586 as a fortress on the Tura River, Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia. It stood on the "Tyumen Portage", part of the historical trade route between Central Asia and the Volga region. By the beginning of the 18th century Tyumen had developed into an important center of trade between Siberia and China in the east and Central Russia in the west. It had also become an important industrial center and developed continuously in the following centuries. In 2010, it had more then 580,000 inhabitants.

Monastery of Holy Trinity was established in 1616 by Nifont of Kazan, on the picturesque bank of the Tura River. Between 1709 and 1711, the old wooden monastery was rebuilt in stone by the order of Philophey Leschinsky, the first Metropolitan of Siberia. It took special permission from Peter the Great, because at the time, the construction of stone buildings outside Saint Petersburg was prohibited.

During the Soviet period it was used as a dormitory for a military platoon as well as the headquarters of the city’s water control system, but in 1995 was returned to the Tyumen diocese. Undoubtedly, the monastery is Tyumen’s most appealing architectural complex. Its kremlin-style crenellated outer wall is pierced by a single gate tower. Behind, gold domes top the striking Troitsky Church in the centre of the courtyard and, next to the black-turreted main gate, the 1727 Peter & Paul Church.

About the stamps

The first stamp, designed by N. Karpova, was issued on April 22, 2016 and depicts Kislovodsk Treatment Resort Park. This park is the largest man-made site in the European part of Russia, and was established in the Olkhovka River valley, on the slopes of the Dzhinalsky Ridge in 1823 at the order of General Alexey Yermolov. The postage stamp features one of the Park’s cultural heritage objects, Cascade Stairs (1936, architectures L.S. Zalesskaya and K.A. Shevchenko).

The second stamps is part of the series Culture of Russian people. National suits (headdresses), about which I wrote here.

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