November 27, 2016

2883-2885 MOLDOVA - Moldavian cuisine

Moldavians are Romanians, so of course that the Moldavian cuisine is part of the Romanian cuisine. It has been greatly influenced by Ottoman cuisine, but has also elements from other cuisines in the region. Probably the best known Moldavian dish is a well-known Romanian dish, mămăliga (a thick cornmeal mush). This is a staple food on the Moldovian table, served as an accompaniment to stews and meat dishes or garnished with cottage cheese or sour cream. Actually, it is often used as a substitute for bread.

There are quite a few different types of dishes, which are sometimes included under a generic term. For example, the category ciorbă includes a wide range of soups with a characteristic sour taste. These may be meat and vegetable soups, tripe (ciorbă de burtă) and calf foot soups, or fish soups, all of which are soured by borş (made from bran), zeamă de varză acră (sauerkraut juice), vinegar, or lemon juice. In Moldavia, the word borș means simply any sour soup. Chicken soup with meat, known as zeamă, is very popular.

A traditional holiday dish (especially for Christmas, and for wedding ceremonies) are sarmale, prepared from minced meat (usually pork, but also beef, mutton or poultry), mixed with rice and spiced, and rolled into leaves of cabbage or vine (fresh or pickled). The combination is then slow boiled, preferably in large clay pots. They are often served with sour cream, mămăligă, and hot pepper. Can be prepared also sarmale for fasting, replacing meat filler with rice, mushrooms or chopped vegetables.

I find extraordinary this set of postcards, and I can't abstain to reveal the link where you can find them all, so you can enjoy them.

About the stamps

The first and the last stamps are part of the series Paintings, designed by Alevtina Cojocari, and issued on August 15, 2015:
Rocks by Veniamin Slobodzinschi / 1978 (1.75 MDL) - It's on the cover
Evening in the Field by Eleonora Romanescu / 1967 (3.00 MDL)
On the Outskirts of the Village of Dolna by Dimitrie Peicev / 2008 (5.75 MDL) - It's on the cover
Landscape by Vasile Naşcu / 2004 (9.50 MDL)

The second stamp is part of the series Birds of Moldova (IV), designed by Vladimir Melnic, and issued on September 25, 2015:
Common Starling / Sturnus Vulgaris (1.20 MDL) - It's on the cover
Eurasian Bullfinch / Pyrrhula Pyrrhula (1.75 MDL)
Eurasian Blue Tit / Cyanistes Caeruleus (4.00 MDL)
Bohemian Waxwing / Bombycilla Garrulus (5.75 MDL)
Eurasian Skylark / Alauda Arvensis (5.75 MDL)

The third postcard is part of the series June 1 - International Childrens Day, designed by Nicolae Sîrbu, and issued on June 1, 2015:
Family by Cătălina Munteanu (1.20 MDL) - It's on the cover
Living Things of Nature by Cristina Isacov (1.75 MDL)
Spring by Ana Vlas (5.75 MDL)

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Sender 2883-2885: Anna
Sent from Chişinău (Moldova), on 26.10.2016
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