September 5, 2014

1216 FRANCE - La vie est belle

Obviously, the idea of this art photography is based on the contrast between the poster stuck on the wall and the man caught in a moment not so happy, idea illustrated also by the ironic, if not even sarcastic title. Probably that the poster promotes the movie La vie est belle (Life is Beautiful), conducted by Roger Pierre and Jean-Marc Thibault in 1956, the year in which the picture was taken. We don't know why the man is so sad, but the tire supported by the wall suggests that perhaps he has a flat tire. The bottle (of wine, by shape) helps to overcome the moment. As a detail, the car is a light van, a Renault 1000 Kg, introduced by the manufacturer in 1947 and produced, in different versions, until 1965. The photo belongs to Bruwell's Collection.

About the stamp

The stamp is part of a series of national and international stamps issued on 2014. The stamps show the very stereotypical icons of the Netherlands in a very Dutch way, using the national colours (red, white and blue). The national stamps have the royal blue background with porcelain white figures (10 stamps) where the international stamps have the white background with the royal blue icons (5 stamps). Internetional stamps:
• a mill - It's on the postcard 1831
• a bicycle - It's on the postcard 2231
a cow
a building - It's on the postcard 2218
a tulip - It's on the postcard 1216

Sender: Mireille / Beagleohhi (postcrossing)
Sent from Sint-Michielsgestel (North Brabant / Netherlands), on 23.08.2014
Photo: Bruwell's Collection 1992

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