September 16, 2014

1225 SUDAN (Khartoum) - Masjid Al-Nilin in Omdurman

Built in the 1970s, during the Nimeiry era, in Omdurman,  the second largest city in Sudan, on the western banks of the Nile river, just opposite to the confluence of the two Niles and the capital, Khartoum, Masjid Al-Nilin (or The Mosque of the two Niles) is one of the fine architectural religious venues in the country. The idea and the design was a graduation project ambitious students from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Khartoum. It was the first building praises in Sudan of aluminum and breakers without columns raise the ceiling as it is related to land directly completely Kalsdf. The world's known boxer Muhammad Ali attended the opening ceremony of the mosque.

About the stamp
Since 1898, the Camel Postman was used in many series of stamps, and the one on the postcard is one of them, belonging of a definitive series issued recently.

Sender: Mohamed Ezzelden
Sent from Khartoum (Khartoum / Sudan), on 19.08.2014
Photo: Adil Gasmalla Mohamed

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