September 25, 2014

1246 AFGHANISTAN - Paghman Valley

Located very near for the capital Kabul, west of the city, the fertile Paghman Valley is one of the most visited places, mostly for the Paghman Gardens, arranged by King Amanullah after his 1927-1928 tour of Europe, India and Iran. Paghman, a small village at the bottom of the Hindu Kush, became a holiday retreat with villas and chalets as well as the summer capital. The region seriously suffered during the soviet war in Afghanistan, but also after becoming a Mujaheddin battleground at the close of the 20th century.

About the stamps
The first stamp was issued on January 1, 2010, on the occasion of World Environment Protection Day. The second stamp is part of the series National Unity, issued on December 22, 2007:
Ahmad Shah Baba (25 AFN)
Mirwais Nika (30 AFN) - it's on the postcard
Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi (34 AFN)

Sender: Tian Zi Yi
Sent from Kabul (Afghanistan), on 09.08.2014

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