November 15, 2015

2038 NORWAY (Svalbard) - Svalbard Archipelago (UNESCO WHS - Tentative List)

2038 Svalbard - The peak Newtontoppen on Spitsbergen Island

Svalbard, formerly known as Spitsbergen, is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, situated about midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. The largest island is Spitsbergen, followed by Nordaustlandet and Edgeøya. In 2012, Svalbard had an estimated population of 2,642, and Longyearbyen is the largest settlement. It isn't part of any Norwegian county, but rather forms an unincorporated area administered by a governor.

Glacial ice covers 60% of Svalbard; 30% is barren rock while 10% is vegetated. Its landforms were created through repeated ice ages, when glaciers cut the former plateau into fjords, valleys and mountains. Although its mountains are small when compared with the mountains of Norway (the tallest peak is Newtontoppen - 1,717m), the elevation of the Svalbard island mountains accounts for much of the glacial erosion.

About the stamp
The stamp was custom made for Svalbard and was sold in Svalbard only.

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  1. The stamp is custom made for Svalbard and to be sold in Svalbard only