November 16, 2015

2042 RUSSIA (Primorsky Krai) - Autumn colors

Primorsky (which means "maritime" in Russian) Krai, informally known as Primorye, was established as the easternmost division of the Russian Empire in 1856, after more then 7 centuries of chinese domination. Highlands dominate the territory of the krai, the average elevation being about 500m. Most of the territory, bordered by China, North Korea, and the relatively warm waters of the Sea of Japan, is mountainous, and almost 80% of it is forested. The ranges are cut by the picturesque narrow and deep valleys of the rivers and by large brooks.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Native Horse Breeds - Vladimir breed, issued on November 7, 2007.
• Vladimir breed (6 RUB) - It's on the postcard 2042
• Orel trotter (7 RUB)
• Vyatka breed (7 RUB)
• Don breed (8 RUB)

The last two stamps are part of a series named Culture of the Peoples of Russia - Headdresses of the Russian North - Winter Hat, about which I wrote here.

Primorsky Krai - Wikipedia

Sender: Alexandra / AlexandraSpB (postcrossing) RU-4123512
Ssent from Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg / Russia), on 03.11.2015
Photo: Yu. Shubin

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