July 23, 2016

2663 UNITED KINGDOM (Anguilla) - Tucked-away Little Bay

Little Bay is one of Anguilla's most special and serene places, but you have to make an effort to reach its beach, surrounded by high cliffs. There are two ways to get to this most remote beach: climb down by rope, or boat over from Crocus Bay. Anyway, it worth the effort, because the scenery is fascinating. The sand on the beach a lighter contrast to the beautifully layered limestone with all shades of corals and grays, and then there is the glowing, brilliant blue of the sea.

About the stamps

The first stamp is part of the series Anguilla Revolutionary Coins, issued on February 28, 2012. This bold aspect of a peoples’ resolve in 1967 to emphatically prove to the world their intention to rid themselves of an oppressive administration imposed by Britain, is being further documented on a set of four postage stamps which feature coins of Mexico and Panama overprinted “Anguilla Liberty Dollar”. Completing this historic set of stamps are coins featuring revolutionary leader, James Ronald Webster and Anguilla’s court of arms.
• Liberty Dollar 1967 on Panamanian Balboa coin (0.15 XCD) - It's on the postcard 2663
• Liberty Dollar 1967 on Mexican Peso coin (0.40 XCD) - It's on the postcard 2719
• First Year of Independence $25 coin of 1968 (2.50 XCD)
• Four dollars coin of 1967 (5.00 XCD)

The second stamp is one of the five of the series The 40th Anniversary of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, issued on November 26, 2012.

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