March 6, 2016

0064, 2353 ITALY (Umbria) - Lake Trasimeno

0064 Lake Trasimeno - Passignano sul Trasimeno

Posted on 09.12.2011, and 06.03.2016
Located in the south of the Po River and to the north of the nearby Tiber River, Lago Trasimeno (Lake Trasimeno) is the fourth largest in Italy, only slightly less than Lago di Como (Lake Como). But the similarities between the two lakes ends here, because if Como is a glacial lake with a maximum depth of 410m, Lake Trasimeno is an endorheic body of water (that means it don’t flow into the sea) and has a modest maximum depth, only 6m, which sometimes, when the precipitation level (the only source of water of the lake) is low, can dramatically decrease. Despite this, Trasimene water quality is still very good, because the Umbrian people have protected the lake.

2353 Lake Trasimeno - Torricella

There are three islands in the lake. The largest is Isola Polvese, but the only inhabited one is Isola Maggiore, on wich is located a small fishing village with around thirty residents. Most of the buildings, including the ruins of a Franciscan monastery, date from the 14th century. In 1213, Saint Francis of Assisi went there on retreat for the Lent. Surrounding the lake are old small towns, and isolated castles. The area wasn't at all avoided by wars. Here, on the northern shore of the lake, in June 21, 217 B.C., Hannibal has caught Consul Flaminius and 30,000 Roman soldiers in an ambush which history has recorded as The Battle of Lake Trasimeno. Also on here has passed the Trasimene Line, a German defensive line during the Italian Campaign of WWII.

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Sender 0064, 2353: Natalino Trentini
0064: Sent from Florence (Tuscany / Italy), on 02.11.2011
Photo: Stefano Caporali
2353: Sent from Florence (Tuscany / Italy), on 03.11.2011
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