March 24, 2016

2403 POLAND (West Pomerania) - Niechorze Lighthouse

Located in the village with the same name, on the coast of the Baltic Sea, at the edge of a steep cliff, with a height of 20m, Niechorze Lighthouse was commissioned by the German Ministry of Shipping in 1863 and started operating in 1866. Although it didn't suffer any damage in WWII, after its end there was a considerable delay re-starting the lighthouse, due to the erosion of the cliff. The authorities secured the cliff by putting large boulders and rock armour.

The lighthouse's base is a 13m high square-shaped building, on both sides of the tower. The light glare from the lighthouse can be seen 36km away due to the 1000w light bulb which is enhanced by 20 prismal crystals. Currently the lighthouse is open to tourists, with a viewpoint - nearby the lighthouse there is a miniature park of all Polish lighthouses, a popular attraction for families and enthusiasts.

You can see all my postcards depicting the Polish lighthouses from Baltic sea here.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the serie 220th Anniversary of Wilanow Museum, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of the series Mushrooms in Polish Forests (2), about which I wrote here. 

Niechorze Lighthouse - Wikipedia

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Sent from Słupsk (Pomerania / Poland), on 26.02.2016

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