March 10, 2016

2365 FRANCE (Centre-Val de Loire) - The church of Saint Fiacre in Lugny-Champagne

Lugny-Champagne is a commune with only 181 inhabitants (2208) located in the center of France, at 34km northeast from Bourges, and at 189km from Paris, actually a farming area comprising a small village and several hamlets in the valley of the river Ragnon. Built in the 13th century, the village's church, dedicated to Saint Fiacre, was fully rebuilt in the 19th century. It is a little country church, of modest size, composed of a rectangular nave, without transept.

To the west, the tile roof is topped with a slate steeple. The porch on the west façade, in classic Gothic style, has two simple columns, topped with small capitals, which extend into the top by arches. The whole is dominated by a coat of arms of the 14th-15th centuries, very altered. The church has some interest in the local history, as it housed a cast iron stoup, dated 1494. This attests the presence of bloomeries in the parish before the blast furnaces from Torteron and Guerche.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of the series Red Cross, about which I wrote here.

Église Saint-Fiacre de Lugny-Champagne (french) -

Sender: Fillafoux
Sent from Lugny-Champagne (Centre-Val de Loire / France), on 25.11.2015

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