March 19, 2016

2391 BELGIUM (Brussels) - Expo 58

Held from 17 April to 19 October 1958, Expo 58, also known as the Brussels World's Fair, was the first major World's Fair after WWII. The site is best known for the Atomium, a giant model of a unit cell of an iron crystal (each sphere representing an atom). More than 41 million visitors visited the site, which was opened with a call for world peace and social and economic progress, issued by King Baudouin I.

The symbol and brand of  Expo 58 was the star of Lucien De Rouck (1915-2002), who won the design competition In 1954. The Expo-star, an elegant, asymmetric star, still is a recognizable symbol. The five rays represent the five continents, carrying out the humanistic message to the entire  world. On the right side can be seen a globe. In the center of the star one can recognize an image of the Brussels city hall.

About the stamp

The stamp depicts also the Atomium.

Expo 58 - Wikipedia
Atomium. From symbol to icon - Official Atomium's website

Sender: Marius Vasilescu
Sent from Brussels (Brussels / Belgium), on 29.07.2014

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