August 12, 2015

1812 CHILE (Antofagasta) - Licancabur volcano

Located on the southernmost part of the border between Chile and Bolivia, just southwest of Laguna Verde in Bolivia, Licancabur (5,916 m), a highly symmetrical stratovolcano, dominates the landscape of the Salar de Atacama area. The lower two thirds of the northeastern slope of the volcano belong to Bolivia, while the rest and biggest part, including the crater, belong to Chile. It contains Licancabur Lake, one of the highest lakes in the world, which is ice-covered most of the year. He didn't erupted in the last 500-1000 years. The word Licancabur is the Castilianization of a Kunza name used by the Atacameño Likan-antay people to refer to the volcano: lican (people) and cabur (mountain), thus meaning "Mountain of the People".

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of a series of four, issued on October 9, 2007, to mark The 260th Anniversary of Chilean Post. The second is one of the two issued on September 30, 2013, to mark The 200th Anniversary of the National Library & National Institute.

Licancabur - Wikipedia

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