August 15, 2015

1826 ITALY (Veneto) - Jesolo Sand Nativity Festival

Jesolo lies north of Venice, between Eraclea and Cavallino-Treporti, being located on an island of sorts, delimited by the rivers Piave and Sile, and an artificial canal called Cavetta. It is a famous seaside resort thanks to its abundant holiday facilities and its 15km beach called Lido di Jesolo. In this seaside resort occur every year two sand sculpture festivals: the largest one in summer (International Sand Sculpture Festival), which in 2015 has reached its 18th edition, and its smaller sister (Sand Nativy Festival) in winter, which in 2014 has reached its 13th edition. The sculpture depicted on the postcard is one realised in 2004 for Sand Nativy Festival by an european team.

About the stamp I wrote here.

Jesolo - Wikipedia
The Jesolo Sand Nativity - Sultan of Sand

Sender: Marius Vasilescu
Sent from Jesolo (Veneto / Italy), on 07.08.2015

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