August 15, 2015

1829 DJIBOUTI - Beaches, mountains, forests, deserts

Situated in the Horn of Africa on the Gulf of Aden and the Bab-el-Mandeb, at the southern entrance to the Red Sea, Djibouti is a small country with a variate geography. Located at 50km from the city of Djibouti, the Arta Beach is surrounded by mountains formed from volcanic eruptions. A remarkable feature of it is that the tourists get to see wide variety of marine life and also shark-whales at times. The vast extension of the Arta Beach and the beauty of the endless horizon are also highly appealing to the visitors.

Djibouti has eight mountain ranges with peaks of over 1,000m, the Mousa Ali range being considered the highest, with the tallest peak on the border with Ethiopia and Eritrea (2,028m). The Grand Bara desert covers parts of southern Djibouti. The majority of it sits at a relatively low elevation, below 560m. Most of the country is part of the Ethiopian xeric grasslands and shrublands ecoregion, a semi-desert strip on or near the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden coasts. The exception is a strip along the Red Sea coast, which is part of the  Eritrean coastal desert.

Geography of Djibouti - Wikipedia
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