August 15, 2015

1827 UNITED KINGDOM (Turks and Caicos Islands) - Dean and Jojo the Dolphin

JoJo is a male Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. Dean and JoJo first met in 1981 during Dean's first visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands. There are only eight dolphins in the world that are known to seek out the company of humans and JoJo is the most famous of them. Dean and JoJo's relationship is the longest lived human-dolphin relationship in recorded history. Dolphins like JoJo grow to 2.5m long, weigh about 110kg, and are thought to live to 40 to 50 years or so. JoJo has a female mate that Dean named Chenoa and together they have a year old calf that Dean named JoJo Jr. but he is more affectionately known as MoJo.

About the stamp

The minisheet was issued on March 7, 2013 to mark The 20th Anniversary of the National Trust.

The Dean and Jojo Story - Official website

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Sent from Providenciales (TCI / United Kingdom), on 17.04.2015
Photo: Michael Friedel

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