August 13, 2015

1815 ROMANIA (Sibiu) - Moşna fortified church

Located to the Târnavelor Plateau, on the Moșna Valley, Moşna (German: Meschen) was attested documentary in 1283 as a free commune in Wine Country, under the name Musyna. The village hearth retains even today the urban planning and architectural characteristics of the Transylvanian Saxon colonists who founded it. Unfortunately, as in all of Transylvania, after WWII, the Transylvanian Saxons were deported or left the area in large numbers.

Moșna Fortified Church, located in the center of the village, was built between 1480 and 1486 on the structural walls of a former basilica, erected at the beginning of the 14th century in Early-Gothic style. The size of the church reflects the welfare of the village, which until 1533 was in competition with Mediaș and  Biertan to become a seat residence, title obtained by Mediaș. The construction of the three, equally high, naves and other elements inside was supervised by the master mason Andreas Lapicida from Sibiu.

The impressive choir has a barrel penetration vault and is attached to a three-sided polygonal apse. The terracotta ribs of the choir cross themselves in a key stone in the shape of a unicorn. The key stone over the apse was made in 1525 and represents the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. The 9m high mantle walls were built in 1520. They followed a rectangular path and connected three towers and two bastions. The gate tower had five floors equipped with machicolations that extended outwardly. The church's bell tower shelters three bells, the oldest being from 1515.

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