August 21, 2015

1843 UNITED KINGDOM (Bermuda) - A Bermuda Moongate

A Moongate is a circular opening in a garden wall that acts as a pedestrian passageway, and a traditional architectural element in Chinese gardens. The purpose of these gates is to serve as a very inviting entrance into gardens of the rich upper class in China. Moongates were incorporated into the architecture of Bermuda in the late 19th century, around the same time that the British territory began importing Easter lily bulbs from Japan for cultivation. The Bermuda Moongate is slightly different from the original Chinese design, as it is often left free-standing or attached to low wall. In Bermuda, it is regarded as good luck for newlyweds to step through the gate.

About the stamps
The first stamp belong to the series Bermudan Shells, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of a series issued to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, under the motto: Lifetime of service, about which I wrote here.

Moon gate - Wikipedia

Sender: Denise 
Sent from Southampton (Bermuda), on 30.04.2014
Photo: Kina Italia / 2001 

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