October 2, 2015

1930 SPAIN (Murcia) - To the mud baths of Lo Pagán

Situated on Costa Cálida, between the Mediterranean Sea coast and the Mar Menor (Minor Sea), the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe, separated from the Mediterranean sea by a sandbar named La Manga, San Pedro del Pinatar is a charming and popular resort town with around 21,000 resident inhabitants and a large tourist population during the busy holiday season in July and August. It is perfectly situated for touring both the Costa Calida and Costa Blanca coastlines and is handy for touring the ancient cities of Murcia and Cartagena.

The touristic and coastal area of the San Pedro del Pinatar municipality received the name of Lo Pagan, in where are famous the mud baths that are taken in the area of Las Charcas de las Salinas (the Salt Ponds), because their curative-beneficial effects for rheumatical type affections. The mud originates from La Puntica, in the north part of the lake,  where the particular climatic conditions of the Mar Menor, the long hours of sunlight and the high level of salt in the water, have created this mud known for its therapeutic value.

The mud baths can be taken by applying the mud with a spatula or by hand, preferably during the day and in warm weather so that the sun can quickly dry the layer of clay applied. The area should be washed with salt water between each treatment. On the other hand, the water has a high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine and fluoride, the treatments with this type of salt water having as result the elimination of the toxins and the relaxation of the bodies muscles.

About the stamps

The first stamp was issued on January 5, 2015, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

The second stamp was issued also in 2015, to celebrate the 5th Centennial of the Birth of Saint Teresa of Jesus, a prominent Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun, author during the Counter Reformation, and theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer. 

San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain - san-pedro-del-pinatar.spain-and-spanish.co.uk
Lo Pagán - lopagan.info

Sender: Eric Clemente Figueira (direct swap)
Ssent from Murcia (Murcia / Spain), on 13.07.2015
Photo: Jesus Gomez

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