October 31, 2015

2002 UNITED STATES (Tennessee) - Shiloh National Military Park

Shiloh National Military Park preserves the American Civil War Shiloh and Corinth battlefields. Its main section is in the town of Shiloh, about 14km south of  Savannah, Tennessee, with an additional area located in the city of Corinth, Mississippi, 37km southwest of Shiloh. The Log Cabin from the postcard is the only house on the reservation that was there at the time of the battle. Bullet holes are still noticeable in the logs.

The Battle of Shiloh (6-7 April 1862) was one of the first major battles in the  Western Theater of the American Civil War, and began a six-month struggle for the key railroad junction at Corinth. It involved about 65,000 Union troops under Ulysses S. Grant and Don Carlos Buell and 44,000 Confederates under  Albert Sidney Johnston (killed in the battle) and P.G.T. Beauregard. The battle resulted in nearly 24,000 killed, wounded, and missing and didn't end in a decisive tactical victory for either side.

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