October 19, 2015

1973 ITALY (Sicily) - La Vucciria

One of the legacies of Palermo’s past as a commercial center and port that continues to manifest itself in the present day is the Palermo market culture. In particular, Palermo’s muslim history has made an imprint on the bazaars and markets of the town. Bustling, crowded, and full of all kinds of treasures, a day at the markets is a unique way to connect with the real lifestyle of the Palermo locals. And the most famous Palermo market is the Vucciria market.

In the local dialect, Vicciria means "voices" or "hubbub" which is certainly one way to find the market - just listen for the noise as everyone haggles back and forth! It flows through the side streets around the Piazza San Domenico. The market is open Monday through Saturday from around dawn until 2 pm (like most of the markets in the city). All kinds of fresh seafood, fish, vegetable, herbs, and local produce are on offer, but also souvenirs and local handcrafts.

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