October 26, 2015

1987 MACEDONIA - The Church of St. Panteleimon in Gorno Nerezi

Located near Skopje, at an altitude of 771m, on the wooded slopes of Mt. Vodno, Gorno Nerezi is known for the Church of St. Panteleimon, dedicated to the protector of health. The church was constructed in 1164 by order of Alexius Angelus Comnenus, a member of the imperial family, and its frescoes are famous examples of Comnenian Age Byzantine Art, depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ and various hagiographical illustrations.

The church was damaged by an earthquake in the 16th century. In the restoration that followed, some of the frescoes have been repainted. In another restoration attempt in 1885, the larger part of the frescoes in the naos were painted over rather ineptly. Andrew Graham-Dixon, British art historian, reminds that these frescoes precede Giotto's emotional frescoes from the Arena Chapel in Padua, circa 1305. He concludes "...the Byzantine east played a much more formative role in the development of renaissance art than Vasari was prepared to concede."

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The stamp was issued on October 11, 1998 to mark The Children Day.

Church of St. Panteleimon (Gorno Nerezi) - Wikipedia

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