October 27, 2015

1989 BRUNEI - Zapin Dance

Like neighbouring countries, Brunei is a Malay-dominated country. Many cultural and linguistic differences make Brunei Malays distinct from the larger Malay populations in nearby Malaysia and Indonesia, even though they are ethnically related and share the Muslim religion. The Malay population are known for the Jipin or Zapin dance, performed by six men and women, accompanied by instruments that include the  gambus dan biola, dombak and rebana. Gongs like the Kulintangan (a set of small gongs), duck gongs and other styles are played.

The traditional costume of Brunei includes the baju kurung (a long tunic over a long skirt) for women and the baju cara melayu (a tunic and long pants) for men. The baju cara melayu is traditionally worn with a plaid or floral-patterned sarong called a sinjang, which extends from the waist to the knees. Although the design of such garments once denoted social status, contemporary Bruneians tend to be less aware of these signifiers. The songkok is a cap widely worn in Brunei, as also in the surrounding countries, mostly among Muslim males. It has the shape of a truncated cone, usually made of black or embroidered felt, cotton or velvet.

About the stamps

The three stamps form the series Towards self-sufficiency in rice production 20%, issued on November 1, 2011.

Music of Brunei - Wikipedia

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