October 11, 2015

1954 UNITED KINGDOM (Bermuda) - Whale Bay Beach

Located at the western end of Southampton parish and close to Sandy's parish, the Whale Bay Beach is one of the smallest beaches in Bermuda, calm and shallow. It owes its name from its proximity to the south shore whaling grounds. The shallow water here once made it ideal for the butchering of the whales. The whaling industry didn't last long in Bermuda though. In nowadays, during March to April, Whale Bay is used to see humpback whales migrating through blue waters of the South Shore.

About the stamps
The first stamp, depicting Mail ferry 1800s (0,35 BMD), is part of the series The 200th Anniversary of Bermuda Postal Service, about which I wrote here.

The second stamp is part of the series Bermuda Mystery Roses, issued on November 21, 2013:
• Pacific (0.35 BMD) - It's on the postcard 1663
• Maitland White (0.70 BMD) - It's on the postcard 1734
• Soncy (0.85 BMD) - It's on the postcard 1954
• Spice (1.10 BMD)

This is a post for Sunday Stamps II-43 run by Violet Sky from See It On A Postcard. The theme of this week is: Flowers. Click here to visit Violet’s blog and all the other participants.

Whale Bay Beach Bermuda - Bermuda Attractions

Sender: Denise 
Sent from Southampton (Bermuda), on 24.04.2014
Photo: Ian Macdonald-Smith


  1. The Mystery Roses are truly beautiful.

  2. Mystery Roses are an interesting phenomenon. These are nice stamps.