October 21, 2015

1979 FRANCE - Chou-Chou, Lolo, Simone and Genevieve at the Lucette's baptism, on June 5, 1932

Since the invention of photography, people have wanted to immortalize the events more or less important of their lives, either to relive them later, or to share them with their loved ones. For the second case, in the first half of the 20th century, the photographic workshops delivered the photos directly in the form of postcards, to be sent to relatives and friends. Not the other, but it was cheaper to send a postcard than a letter.

On the backside of this photo / postcard is written: "Chou-Chou, Lolo, / Genevieve Simone / Lucette Baptême / 5 Juin 1932." Which I think means that four children named Chou-Chou, Lolo, Genevieve and Simon were surprised at Lucette's baptism on June 5, 1932. Probably the four are brothers or cousins, and Lucette is either their sister or their cousin. 

If she is still alive, Lucette turned 83 years old this year, and probably that the eldest of the children, Chou-Chou, approaching 90. But France went through a lot since then, including a world war, so... Instead we know for sure that the owner of the photo died, because otherwise it wouldn't have reached in the boutique where from was bought by the one who sent it to me.

At that moment, a photo of this kind doesn't matter than for the acquaintances. But over time, it transcends the personal space, becoming a sample of social history, a bit of reality that tells us something about the era. And what don't tell us, We can imagine. In quite another context, for me, "France 1932"  means the place and the year in which Louis-Ferdinand Céline released Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to the End of the Night).

About the stamp
The stamp is one of the three heart shaped stamps issued on February 14, 2015, to mark Valentine's Day.

Sent from Sassenage (Rhône-Alpes / France), on 16.10.2015

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