April 20, 2016

2313, 2477 FRANCE (Brittany) - The Breton coast

2313 The Breton coast

Posted on 20.02.2016, 20.04.2016
Brittany is the largest French peninsula, bordered to the north by the English Channel, to the south by the Bay of Biscay and the waters located between the western coast and Ushant island form the Iroise Sea. It has over 2,860km of coastline, which represents a third of the total French coastline. The Breton coast is very indented, with many cliffs, rias and capes. The Gulf of Morbihan is a vast natural harbour with some forty islands that is almost a closed sea.

24tt Brittany

The variety of the rocky north Breton coast is reflected in the names of sections of this coast; the Jade Coast, the Emerald Coast, the Pink Granite coast, and the Wild Coast. But along with the rocks and cliffs, this coastline, like that of North Cornwall, offers a wealth of sandy coves and beaches. The south Breton coast is warmer and less rugged than the north, and in the department of Morbihan, the coast is characterised by fine sandy beaches.

The postcard 2313 was issued probably as part of an anti-AIDS campaign, because on the face, alongside with a beach (on that runs a couple) and a port, is depicted the HIV virus. And if there was any doubt, on the back is an explici and rather sinister (in my opinion) slogan: "Wherever you are on this summer, AIDS is there."

About the stamp
On the postcard 2313
The stamp is part of the series 1970-1973 -  Binomials of airmen and women, issued on April 19, 1971:
1970 Jean Mermoz (1901-1936) and Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)
1971 Didier Daurat (1891-1969) and Raymond Vanier (1895-1965) - It's on the postcard 2313
1972 Hélène Boucher (1908-1934) and Maryse Hilsz (1901-1946)
1973 Henri Guillaumet (1902-1940) and Paul Codos (1896-1960)

On the postcards are also stickers of The Abbé Pierre Foundation. Created in 1990 and recognised as promoting the public interest in 1992, the Foundation Abbé Pierre aims to act "in order for the most underprivileged to be sustainably housed in dignity, regardless of their income or social status".

Brittany - France
The coasts of France - About France, a thematic guide to France

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