April 14, 2016

2458 UNITED STATES (Georgia) - The Decapod No 208

Under the Whyte notation for the classification of steam locomotives, 2-10-0 represents the wheel arrangement of two leading wheels on one axle, ten powered and coupled driving wheels on five axles, and no trailing wheels. This arrangement, popular mainly in Europe, particularly in Germany and in Russia, was often named Decapod, especially in the United States. Here were built the first such locomotives in 1867, but the first boost in the number of Decapods occurred when Russia ordered approximately 1,200 during WWI.

When the Bolshevik revolution occurred in 1917, 857 had already been delivered, but more than 200 were either awaiting shipment or were in the process of construction. They were adopted by the United States Railroad Administration (USRA), the body created to control the railroads during the War, converted to American standards, and put to use on American railroads. Small and light-footed, these proved popular with smaller railroads, and many of them remained in service long after the USRA's control of the railroads ceased.

The Decapod from the postcard was built as No. 530 by Baldwin, one of eight delivered to the Seaboard Air Line as Class D-3 in 1930 (529-536). It was sold to the Gainesville Midland in 1952-1953, when it was renumbered 208, and is now on display at the old Union Depot in Winder, Georgia. The Gainesville Midland, chartered in 1904, purchased most of the property of the Gainesville, Jefferson & Southern Railroad in the same year. It extended the tracks from Jefferson to Athens, and was eventually acquired by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1959.

About the stamps
About the first stamp, featuring a portrait of George Washington, I wrote here. The second stamp, depicting Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005), is part of the series Black Heritage Series, about which I wrote here. The third stamp is part of the series Building a Nation, about which I wrote here. The last stamp is part of the definitives series American Design, about which I wrote here

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