April 7, 2016

2443, 2444 ROMANIA (Constanţa) - The Natural Sciences Museum Complex in Constanţa

2443 Natural Sciences Museum Complex in Constanţa -
Ni Ni & Chen Chen (Tursiops truncatus) at Dolphinarium

The Natural Sciences Museum Complex opened in 1958 when the Constanţa Aquarium emerged, after the renovation of the old building on the esplanade of the sea in the proximity of the Casino. Later, in 1969 the Planetarium was built, then in 1971 the Astronomic Observatory and the Museum of the Sea, and in 1972 the Dolphinarium. In 1973 all these were merged into a unique museum, placed on the west side of the Soveja market, in the Northeast part of the town.

2444 Natural Sciences Museum Complex in Constanţa - Pelicans in Microdelta

Over time the Dolphinarium grew with the Dolphinarium 2 (covered pool), the Microdelta and the bird house - exotic and decorative birds. The Microdelta is a body of water surrounded by willows and swamp vegetation, a piece of lacustrine ecosystem where can be found a number of 46 species, with more than 170 exemplars: pelicans, swans, ducks and wild geese, peacocks, pheasants and mammals (mouflons, fallow deer).

In Dolphinarium are organized shows in summer with dolphins from Phocoena relicta and Delphinus delphis ponticus species, and seals from the South Atlantic. During winter visitors can watch the training in an indoor pool. In 2010 were bought three young Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) from Beijing Aquarium. The exhibition presents the world of the shell fish living in diverse seas.

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About the stamp, Angels Tears, I wrote here.

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The Natural Sciences Museum Complex - Official website

Senders 2443: Mihnea Răducu and the Romanian postcrossers who participated to the Postcrossing meet-up which held in Constanţa on April 2, 2016
2443: Sent from Constanţa (Constanţa / Romania), on 04.04.2016
Photo: Claboo Media
Editor: Ana Maria Susan
Sender 2444: Marian Irimia
2444: Sent from Chirnogeni (Constanţa / Romania), on 04.09.2011

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