June 14, 2016

2613 ROMANIA (Prahova) - Slănic Prahova

Located in the forested hills of the Sub-Carpathians, between the valley of Prahova and that of Teleajen, Slănic Prahova is known as a salt extraction center, as well as a spa town, with salt lakes. As its name (salt in Slavonic) suggests, Slănic's history are directly related to the presence of large quantities of salt underground, and even in open air. While salt is still being extracted from the New Salt Mine, the Old Mine is open to the public now, being used as a spa, amusement center and museum of the salt mining industry.

Other main landmarks of the town are its salt lakes (or băi): the Shepherd's (Baia Baciului), the Green (Baia Verde) and the Red (Baia Roşie) Lakes; and the Salt Mountain (Muntele de Sare) with the legendary Bride's Cave (Grota Miresei), now partially collapsed. This unique natural site also contains the 20m deep Bride Lake (or Bride Grotto), covering an area of 425m2, which appeared in 1914 after an old salt mine caved in.

About the stamp
The stamp, depicting the Constanţa Casino, is part of a series issued in 1992.

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Sent from Slănic Prahova (Prahova / Romania), on 03.01.1993
Photo: V. Stamate

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