June 27, 2016

2638 POLAND (Lower Silesian) - Wrocław Town Hall

The Old Town Hall of Wrocław stands at the center of Market Square and is one of the main landmarks of the city. It was developed over a period of about 250 years, from the end of 13th century to the middle of 16th century. The structure and floor plan changed over this period in response to the needs of the city. The exact date of the initial construction is not known, but between 1299 and 1301 a single-storey structure with cellars and a tower called the consistory was built. The oldest parts of the current building, the Burghers' Hall and the lower floors of the tower, may date to this time.

Between 1328 and 1333 an upper storey was added to include the Council room and the Aldermen’s room. Expansion continued during the 14th century with the addition of extra rooms. The 15th and 16th centuries were times of prosperity for Wrocław as was reflected in the rapid development of the building. By 1560, the major features of today’s building were established. During the 17th century, the allocation of space within the building was changed to ensure that all the town offices could be housed there.

 It is considered as a fine example of bourgeois Gothic architecture. The entrance is from the western side and it leads into the Burghers' Hall. The next room is the Aldermans’ Hall, also known as the Court Room. Beyond that lies the Council Chamber, where important city decisions were made. Next is the Council Office, where the council secretary and receiver once worked. Upstairs is the Grand Hall, which dates from the second half of the 15th century. Here, official ceremonies took place.

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