June 20, 2016

2629 FRANCE - Just a wave

The stamps covers almost all the back of the postcard and I couldn't find the picture on the Internet, so all I can say about it is that I received it from France. It could therefore be a wave photographed on the coast of France. The coast of the Atlantic or the coast of the Mediterranean? Who knows? I know instead that I found the same wave in a postcard depicting Rimini. So?

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series France Nature, about which I wrote here.

The second stamp, designed by Jacques Combet, was issued on October 11, 1965, to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Atomic Energy Commission.

The third stamp is part of the series of definitive stamps Marianne de Béquet,about which I wrote here.

The fourth stamp, designed by Pierre Gandon, was issued on May 29, 1967 in honor of Esnault-Pelterie (1881-1957). Robert Albert Charles Esnault-Pelterie was a pioneering French aircraft designer and spaceflight theorist.

The last stamp is part of the series Regions, issued in 1976.

Sender: Jean-Yves Gerlat
Sent from ??? (??? / France), on 25.04.2016 

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