June 12, 2016

2607 ROMANIA (Harghita) - The Székely Waterfall at the spring of Târnava Mare

The Târnava Mare River (Big Târnava) has its source in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, in Székely Land, near Vărşag (in Hungarian Székelyvarság), and joins the Târnava Mică River in Blaj, forming the Târnava. It rises from the foot of Şumuleu Mare Montain, at an altitude of 1455m, where seven springs come together and creates a creek. At 300m downstream it forms a small but charming waterfall, named în Romanian Cascada Secuilor (Székely Waterfall), and in Hungarian Csorgókő Vízesés (which freely translated means "the crying rock", or "the dripping rock").

About the stamp
The stamp, depicting Common Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis L.), is part of the first series Flora of Romania - Fauna flowers (I), about which I wrote here.

Sender: Marian Irimia
Sent from Vărşag (Harghita / Romania), on 22.08.2012
Photo: Papai Laszlo Zsolt

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