September 6, 2016

2740 POLAND - The lighthouses on the Baltic Coast of Poland

Since the end of WWII, the coast of Poland has stretched from Świnoujście in the west to the Gulf of Gdańsk in the east. Poland has at least 26 lighthouses on its Baltic coast and also many others on the inland waterway. All of the Polish coastline was under German control from the 18th century through the end of WWI. Poland became independent of Germany and Russia as a result of WWI, but between the two world wars its coastline was only a narrow "corridor" at Gdynia.

As a result, all of the pre-1945 lighthouses except the three Gdynia lights are of German construction. At least four lighthouses were destroyed during WWII, and many of the others suffered severe damage. Since Poland escaped the Soviet orbit in 1991, the country has made great progress in lighthouse preservation. Active Polish lighthouses are operated by the regional Maritime Office. In Polish, a lighthouse is a "sea lantern," latarnia morska, plural latarnie morskie.

As I will receive postcards with these lighthouses and I will post them on the blog, I will add them here. For now I have the following:
Niechorze Lighthouse
Kołobrzeg Lighthouse
Gąski Lighthouse 
Jarosławiec Lighthouse
Ustka Lighthouse 
Stilo Lighthouse
Hel Lighthouse
Gdansk New Port Lighthouse

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Yuoth Literature, about which I wrote here. The stamp is part of the series Flowers and Fruits, about which I wrote here.

The last is part of the series Lighthouses, designed by Jacek Konarzewski, and issued on June 19, 2015. All the stamps are the same face value (2.35 PLN).
• Rozewie (Rixhöft) West Tower Lighthouse - It's on the postcard 2740
• Kikut Lighthouse - It's on the postcard 3123
• Świnoujście Lighthouse
• Jastarnia Lighthouse
• Gdansk Port Authority Lighthouse - It's on the postcard 3123

Lighthouses of Poland: Baltic Coast - The University of North Carolina official website

Sender: Krystyna Betiuk (direct swap)
Sent from Słupsk (Pomerania / Poland), on 29.02.2016

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