September 15, 2016

2753 FRANCE (Saint Barthélemy) - Gustaf III Airport

Gustaf III Airport, also known as St. Jean Airport, because is located in the village of St. Jean, was named for King Gustav III of Sweden, under whom Sweden obtained the island from France in 1784 (it was sold back to France in 1878). In 1984, Swedish Minister of Communications, Hans Gustafsson, inaugurated the terminal building. Most visiting aircraft carry fewer than twenty passengers, such as the Twin Otter, a common sight throughout the northern West Indies and as a curiosum, the Canadian-built de Havilland Dash 7 is the largest aircraft ever allowed to operate this airport.

About the stamp
The stamp was issued on November 27, 2015, to celebrate the 50 years since the launch of Asterix, the first French satellite.

Gustaf III Airport - Wikipedia

Sender: Denise
Sent from Gustavia (Saint-Barthélemy / France), on 16.08.2016

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