September 16, 2016

2755 GERMANY (Bavaria) - Volkach

Located in Lower Franconia, on the banks of the river Main, the charming town of Volkach was founded in 906 A.D. and celebrated its 1100th anniversary in 2006. This part of Franconia is known for its vineyards, so Volkach's main tourist attraction is its annual wine festival in August (Weinfest), which is the culminating festival for the entire Franconian wine region.

There are two City Gates (one’s called the Diebenturm or Thief Tower) from the 16th century; both are the only remainders from the town’s original defense wall. Another landmark is the church of St. Bartholomew. Even though the church was built 700 years ago, it has a Renaissance baptismal font and Baroque alter. The Maria Immaculata Well that sits outside the Rathaus is older than the Town Hall itself. The well’s been there since 1480, the Town Hall didn’t come for 64 more years.

But, the oldest of all of Volkach’s sites is the Maria im Weingarten, a pilgrimage church that was built in the 1300’s. Volkach’s Local History Museum can explain a lot more of the area’s history. Lastly is the Carthusian Museum Charterhouse, a monastery founded in 1409 and dissolved in 1803 in the secularisation of Bavaria.

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The stamp is one of the two of the series Moselle River, issued on April 7, 2016.

Volkach Captivates With The Simple Franconian Life - My German City

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