September 16, 2016

2756 HUNGARY - Siemens Taurus electric locomotive No. 470 007

At the beginning of the 1990's, Deutsche Bahn AG wanted to replace the aged Einheits-Elektrolokomotiven (standard electric locomotive) with a more modern and efficient model. So appeared the EuroSprinter family of electric locomotives, a modular concept of locomotives for the European market built by Siemens. The internal Siemens product name is ES 64, with ES for EuroSprinter and the number 64 indicating the 6,400 kW power at rail. Additional information is given in the name on the usage (U as universal, P as prototype and F as freight).

The first prototype ES 64 P was built in 1992, being used for extensive tests in some countries in Europe (Norway, Spain, Portugal, Germany). In 1996, the model went into production. Though it is equipped for passenger services, ES 64 F is exclusively used for freight trains. It was introduced to Deutsche Bahn AG as Class 152 in 1996 and today is operated by DB Schenker Rail. The original German order of 195 units was reduced to 170, as the ÖBB refused to certify them for use in Austria.

Based on the Eurosprinter concept the ES 64 U was developed as a universal electric locomotive with a top speed of 230 km/h. It is in service in Austria with ÖBB as Class 1016. Unlike the F series, all U series are equipped with quill drive instead, thus reducing the track forces. The ÖBB assigned the protected name Taurus to Class 1016 (and later to the Classes 1116 and 1216); since then all ES 64 U+ series are widely known as Taurus locos.

The ES 64 U2 is operated by ÖBB as Class 1116, by Deutsche Bahn AG as Class 182 and as well as by MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) as Class 470 and as a hire locomotive from Dispolok. The Hungarian-Austrian company GySEV (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railway Corp) operates these units as Class 1047. All four European electric systems can be used by the ES 64 U4. In 2010 Siemens announced a successor design, named 'Vectron' incorporating design features of both the Eurosprinter, and Eurorunner locomotives.

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