February 10, 2016

0075, 0091, 2281 FINLAND (Uusimaa) - The trams of Helsinki

2281 Tram HKL 184 on line 9, in Helsinki Senate Square, on 20.04.1972

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The Helsinki system is one of the oldest electrified tram networks in the world (1891), and the only one still in use in Finland. In 2013, 38km of double track was in operation with 13 regular lines. Helsinki City Transport (HKL) has up to 124 tram units that can be used in scheduled passenger service (2015). Traditional colors were and remained yellow and green. Several times were tried other combinations, which however have proved unpopular. In the postcard 2281 is the tram HKL 184, which was part of a lot of 6 (HKL 181-186), series A12, manufactured between 1939 and 1941 by ASEA, back then a Swedish company. It was delivered on December 11, 1941, and was in service until April 22, 1974.

0075 Tram HKL 150 on line 1A,
in Helsinki Senate Square, on 27.04.2005

From 1998 to 2003, HKL purchased a new fleet of low-floor Variotram, which proved to be unreliable, so the company was forced to buy 10 second-hand trams from Mannheim (Germany) to cover for the shortage. In the postcard 0075 can be seen even one of them, HKL 150, a 8-axle GT8, manufactured by DÜWAG in 1970, which came into use in Helsinki on May 30, 2004. In 2016 it is the only of this type which is part of the rolling stock of HKL, as a charter tram.

0091 Tram HKL 151 on line 6, on Hämeentie Street, on 20.09.2005

The tram from the postcard 0091, HKL 151, is also one of those buy from Mannheim, more precisely is one of the four 6-axle GT6 (HKL 151-154) manufactured also by DÜWAG in 1970. It was used for the first time in Helsinki on April 18, 2005, and was in service until June 29, 2012. To help pay for the second-hand trams, HKL was allowed to cover six of the extra trams completely in advertising, a sight rarely seen before on the streets of Helsinki.

About the stamps
On the postcard 0075
The stamp belongs to the Northern Lights set (3 stamp with the same value), issued on September 9, 2009. They shows three different Aurora Borealis, the extraordinary phenomenon that never ceases to fascinate people by his unearthly beauty. I find it very interesting that on the stamps are specified latitude and longitude where the phenomenon occurred.

On the postcard 0091

The stamp, entitled Frosty night and designed by Nina Rintala, is the 1st class one. Issued on 2008, is the world’s first transparent stamp! 

On the postcard 2281
The stamp belongs to the Mail Boxes set, issued on January 24, 2011, about I wrote here.

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Sender 0075: Pirkko (postcrossing) FI-1266878
Sent from Espoo (Uusimaa / Finland), on 30.11.2011
Photo: Daniel Federley / 27.04.2005   
Sender 0091: Akki (postcrossing) FI-1282797
Sent from Helsinki (Uusimaa / Finland), on 18.12.2011
Photo: Daniel Federley / 20.09.2005 
Sender 2281: Eva (postcrossing) FI-1549401
Sent from Helsinki (Uusimaa / Finland), on 26.09.2012
Photo: Juhani Katajisto / 20.04.1972

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