February 20, 2016

2309 ROMANIA (Vâlcea) - Băile Olăneşti

2309 Băile Olăneşti - A little waterfall on the Olăneşti River

Located at 18km Northwest of Râmnicu Vâlcea, the county seat, Băile Olăneşti is a little town which lies at an altitude of 450m, surrounded by the mountains Gerea, Folea and Căprăreaţa (Southern Carpathians), and crossed by Olăneşti River valley, open to the south and closed to the north. It ranks first among the health resorts in Romania in terms of the number of springs, their daily total flow, as also the variety of the composition and concentration of mineral waters.

Mineral waters from Olăneşti were first mentioned in a charter of 1760, they being located on the estate of the clucer Toma Olănescu, who builds there the first baths. Hence the name of Băile Olăneşti. 1873 can be considered the birth year of the resort, because in this year the waters from Olăneşti were went to some exhibitions in Europe, from where they returned with gold medals, so that the settlement entered in international attention, being compared with Baden-Baden, Karlovy-Vary, and Aix les Bains.

About the stamp
Prepaid postcard (the coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Romania, 1965-1989).

Băile Olăneşti (rom) - Wikipedia

Sender: Mircea Ivănescu Sr.
Sent from Olăneşti (Vâlcea / Romania), on 08.08.1979
Photo. I. Petcu 

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