February 21, 2016

2317 CZECH REPUBLIC (South Bohemia) - Červená Lhota Castle

Located at the middle of a lake, on a rocky island, in south Bohemia, Červená Lhota (Red Lhota) is a castle that gracefully maintains the balance between a representative aristocratic residence and a simple Renaissance fortress. The four-winged two-storey château, with a small courtyard in the center, occupies the whole rock and juts into the fishpond. A stone bridge, built in 1622, links the castle with the banks of the pond. On the northern side is a park where the Renaissance Chapel of the Holy Trinity is situated.

The existence of a fortress on the site of today's château is assumed from sometime around the middle of the 14th century. It was built on a rocky granite outcrop, which, after the damming of a stream and the filling up of a fishpond, became an island. Originally a Gothic castle, it was remodeled in Renaissance style between 1542 and 1555. In 1597 the building rendered with red plaster, from which it got its present name. The interiors have a collection of historic furniture, tiled stoves, pictures, porcelain and other items.

About the stamps
The first stamp is one of the two of the series Bob and Bobek, designed by Alex Dowis & Vladimír Jiránek and issued on Apri 29, 2015. About the second stamp, Krtek on Rocket, I wrote here.

Červená Lhota Castle - Wikipedia

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Photo: Jiri Honomichl

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