February 7, 2016

2275 INDIA (West Bengal) - Nabanna

Nabanna (New Crop) is a Bengali harvest celebration celebrated with food, dance and music in Bangladesh and in the Indian State of West Bengal. It is one of the numerous festivals that gave the name baro mase tero parban (thirteen festivals in twelve months) to the land of Bengal. It isn't connected to a religion, so the locals from both the major religious groups join the festival. The festival gets a lot of support from the creative army of Bengali culture. Several poets, musicians, baul and painters flock to such mass gatherings.

The gouache depicting Nabanna reproduced on the postcard is exhibited in one of the 25 galleries of Victoria Memorial, a large marble building in Kolkata (Calcutta), which was built between 1906 and 1921 in memory of Queen Victoria (1819-1901).  The museum houses the largest single collection of the works of Thomas Daniell (1749-1840) and his nephew, William Daniell (1769–1837), and also a collection of rare and antiquarian books .

About the stamps
The stamps are part of the series Builders of Modern India, about which I wrote here.

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Sender: Subham Mridha (direct swap)
Sent from Kolkata (West Bengal / India), on 10.01.2015

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