February 13, 2016

2290 UNITED KINGDOM (England) - Anne Hathaway's Cottage and Gardens

Anne Hathaway's Cottage is a twelve-roomed farmhouse where Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare, lived as a child in the hamlet of Shottery, Warwickshire, England, about 1.6km west of Stratford-upon-Avon. The earliest part of the house was built prior to the 15th century; the higher part is 17th century. It had more than 36 hectares of land attached to it, being known as Hewlands Farm in Shakespeare's day, so to call it a cottage is a misnomer, as it is much larger than the term usually means.

As in many houses of the period, it has multiple chimneys to spread the heat evenly throughout the house during winter. It also has visible timber framing, typical of vernacular Tudor architecture. Spacious, and with several bedrooms, it is now set in extensive gardens. The cottage was acquired in 1892 by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, which removed later additions and alterations. In 1969 the cottage was badly damaged in a fire, but was restored.

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