February 17, 2016

2300 ROMANIA (Brașov) - The Belvedere Hotel in Predeal

Located on  Prahova Valley (which makes its way between the Bucegi and the Baiu Mountains, in the Carpathian Mountains), in a pass between Wallachia and Transylvania, Predeal is the town situated at the highest altitude in Romania (1030-1110 m). The settlement was founded in 1864 around the customs between Wallachia and Transylvania. In 1879 was opened the railway Ploiești-Brașov, which link Romania and Austro-Hungarian Empire, and at Predeal was the jonction point.

Over time, Predeal developed as a tourist resort, in the last decades being known mainly for winter sports. The town has been also certified as a climate resort due to the strongly ionized air rich in ultraviolet radiation and the low atmospheric pressure. Build in 1974 as Cioplea, and renamed Belvedere in 2003, the hotel shown in postcard is one of the hotels with the most wonderful view from Predeal. Surrounded by the amazing view of the Bucegi Mountains, Postăvarul and Piatra Mare, it is a hospitable host in any season.

About the stamp
Is a prepaid postcard.

Predeal - Wikipedia
Hotel Belvedere Predeal - Official website

Sender: Mircea and Marcela Ivănescu
Sent from Predeal (Harghita / Romania), on 18.08.1980

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