May 1, 2016

2514, 2515 UNITED NATIONS - The 70th anniversary of the United Nations


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the beginning of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations when he was attending the African Union Summit in Malabo, Guinea to commemorate the past developments including the UN task force achievements and the work for humanity. He has marked it with a name "UN70". He also focused on the unification of the international community in order to make the UN more powerful to better handle the problems of the world.

Without doubt, the United Nations has saved millions of lives and boosted health and education across the world, but is not perfect. Probably Dag Hammarskjöld, the tragic second UN secretary general, defined it the best, saying that it “was created not to lead mankind to heaven but to save humanity from hell”. Tensions between western governments, which see the UN as bloated and inefficient, and developing countries, which regard it as undemocratic and dominated by the rich, have rippled across the organisation as ballooning costs drive the push for reform.

About the stamps

The postcards replicate the stamps from the series issued on October 23, 2015 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the UN. The stamps illustrate the architecture of the UN Headquarters in New York, one of the most iconic images of this international organization. Photographers were Marta McAdams (Poland) and Esther Nisanova (Russia), and the desig was realised by Rorie Katz (United Nations).
• Visitors Lobby; General Assembly Hall (0.49 USD)
• Woodrow Wilson reading room, Dag Hammarskjöld Library; Security Council (1.20 USD) - It's on the postcard 2514
• ECOSOC chamber; Visitors Lobby (1.00 CHF)
• Chairs in ECOSOC chamber; Secretariat façade (1.90 CHF)
• Trusteeship Council; ECOSOC chamber (0.80 EUR)
• General Assembly Hall; Visitors Lobby (1.70 EUR)

The other two stamps are part of the series 2015 World Heritage - South East Asia, designed by Sergio Baradat and issued on June5, 2015:
• Luang Prabang, Laos (0.49 USD)
• Borobudur Temple, Indonesia (1.20 USD)
• Angkor Wat, Cambodia (1.40 CHF)
• Cordillera, Phillipines (1.90 CHF)
• Ayutthaya, Thailand (0.80 EUR)
• Hué Monuments, Vietnam (1.70 EUR)

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Sender: Denise
Sent from United Nations (New York / United States), on 19.01.2016
Photo: Marta McAdams

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