May 12, 2016

2543 ROMANIA (Sălaj) - Jibou Botanical Garden

Located in the northeastern part of Crişana, at the border with Transylvania, on the left bank of Someş River, at its confluence with the Agrij River, Jibou is known for the old Wesselényi Castle, the thermal baths, and Vasile Fati Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is situated in the north-east side of Jibou, on the bank of Someş, inside the architectural ensemble at the Wesselényi residence, at an altitude of 272m, with a relief displaying big bumps, but also with flat surfaces.

The basic arboretum dates back to 1781, but the works for the organization of the Botanical Garden from Jibou started between the years 1959-1968, when Vasile Fati (1932-2007), a biology teacher, with the students and with the other teachers manages to prove that the parks around Wesselényi Castle, where the high school was functioning is appropriate for a botanical garden. The two greenhouses were built between the years 1978 and 1982.

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Jibou Botanical Garden - Wikipedia

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