May 17, 2016

2562 ROMANIA (Constanţa) - Cap Aurora

2562 Cap Aurora in 1980's

Cap Aurora is the youngest resort on the Romanian seaside, located in the Mangalia municipality, on a high peninsula between the neighbouring resorts of Jupiter and Venus. When it was inaugurated, in 1973, the resort was considered the "Queen of the Coastline", because of its modern architecture and the special conditions which it offered. A secluded but modern resort, with a special appearance, in contrast to the other seaside resorts.

The hotels, all located on the seafront, have a pyramidal aspect, and looks like the Mayan pyramids in Central America. Seen from the beach, they give the impression of some magnificent amphitheatres, and viewed from the air, they look like octopuses. The beach is divided into several bays, bordered by stabilopozi and vegetation. These little coves turns the beach in an exotic and intimate place - in contrast to the large beaches of the other resorts.

About the stamps

The stamp is part of the large series of definitive stamps Transport & Communication, designed by I. Drugă and issued on December 20, 1967.
• violet/green (0.35 ROL) - It's on the postcard 2616
• yellowish olive (2.00 ROL) - It's on the postcard 2562

Senders: Adrian Ilie and Eugen Barbu
Sent from Cap Aurora (Constanţa / Romania), on 09.09.1982

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