May 16, 2016

2558 ROMANIA (Prahova / Braşov) - Prahova Valley

2558 Prahova Valley: 1. The Alpine Lodge; 2. Clăbucet;
3. The Sphinx; 4. Babele; 5; Szeklers' Clearing

Prahova Valley is the valley where the Prahova river makes its way between the Bucegi and the Baiu Mountains, in the Carpathian Mountains. Geographically, the Prahova river separates the Eastern Carpathians chain from the Southern Carpathians. Historically, the corridor was the most important passageway between the principalities of Wallachia and Transylvania. The present DN1 road, linking  Bucharest, the capital of Romania, with the city of Braşov, in Transylvania, is along the Prahova Valley.

The main urban center in Prahova Valley is the city of Câmpina, other towns being (from south to north) Breaza, Comarnic, Sinaia, Buşteni and Azuga (Prahova county) and Predeal (city of Braşov county). Most of these towns are popular destinations for mountaineers and for winter sports fans. Among the famous sights in Bucegi Mountains are the Sphinx, and Babele (The old women), both natural rock formations, and the Heroes' Cross on Caraiman Peak.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of the third set of a very extensive series, entitled Romanian Pottery, about which I wrote here.

Prahova Valley - Wikipedia

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