August 14, 2017

3123 POLAND (Pomerania) - Gdansk New Port Lighthouse

Built in 1894, and operated continuously for more than 100 years, Lighthouse in Gdansk New Port is one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Baltic Sea. It made history when, on 1st September 1939; shots fired from its windows were a signal for the battleship Schleswig-Holstein to commence the bombardment of the Polish Westerplatte, which signalled the start of World War II.

On the top of the lighthouse was an unusual instrument which was called a Time Ball. The raising and falling of this ball every day at noon would enable ship’s captains to set their chronometers accurately. The Time Ball was the first built in 1876 on a specially designed wooden tower. In 1894 it was transferred to the top of the lighthouse and activated again in 2008.

In 2004, the 27 meters red lighthouse was opened to the public. Inside are examples of historical preserved optical equipment and an outstanding lighthouse exhibition. The views of the Port of Gdansk, Westerplatte and the whole Gulf of Gdansk up to Gdynia and the Hel Peninsula are breathtaking.

You can see all my postcards depicting the Polish lighthouses from Baltic sea here.

About the stamps
The first two stamps are part of the series Flowers and Fruits, about which I wrote here. The last two are part of the series Lighthouses, about which I wrote here.

Lighthouse in Gdansk New Port - Poland's Official Travel Webside

Sender: Krystyna Betiuk (direct swap)
Sent from Słupsk (Pomerania / Poland), on 04.07.2017
Photo: B. Nieznalski

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